Bus Routes

Please review the Bus Concerns Reporting Protocol below should you have a concern or question regarding the district's school bus transportation.        

Bus Concerns Reporting Protocol

Dee Bus contact  - Donna Hunter at 978-733-1047 or via email @ donnadeebus@gmail.com

2019-2020 Bus Routes - Posted 8/20/19

Center School
  - Updated 8/23/19          
AM/PM Routes       

Hale Middle School    
AM/PM Routes         

Mary Rowlandson Elementary -
Updated 10/11/19 EFFECTIVE 10/21/19               
AM/PM Route

Luther Burbank Middle School -
Updated 1/17/20                
AM/PM Routes

Florence Sawyer School -
Updated 8/27/19                           
AM/PM Routes       

Nashoba Regional High School 
AM/PM Routes      
Bus #8 Updated 9/30/19 - Effective 10/4/19                                                
NRHS Late Bus Routes 
   Updated departure time - Effective 9/9/19

Half Day Kindergarten - PM Routes

Center School       

Florence Sawyer School Updated 9/24/19 EFFECTIVE 9/26/19

Mary Rowlandson Elementary Updated 8/22/19