Transportation FAQ

Transportation FAQS

  1. Question: I am concerned about a particular bus stop and disagree with the location. Who should I contact, and what steps can I take to resolve this issue?

    Answer: Please contact Donna Hunter at Dee Bus at 978-733-1047.

  2. Question: My child attends child care in the morning, before PM kindergarten. Will the bus transport my child from home in the morning to the child care location, as well as bring him from the child care location to PM kindergarten and back to the child care location after school.

    Answer: No. The district will provide transportation to and from school. The district will not transport students from home to a child care facility for "before school care".

  3. Question: A family emergency has occurred and as a result no-one will be home to meet my child after school. Who should I contact, and how will this situation be managed?

    Answer: In this situation it is best to contact your child’s school directly. The school, along with Dee Bus, will work together to ensure your child is safe at school or with a person designated on your child's emergency contact card.

  4. Question: My child would like to have a friend come home with him from school, and they both ride the same bus. Will the bus transport my child’s friend to my home?

    Answer: No, the district will only transport children to and  from school. This particular addition to the guidelines is one that has been given much thought. Ultimately the district is responsible for the safe transportation of all of its students. Changes to a student’s transportation schedule increases the chance that a child may be “lost”, or not end up going to the proper and intended location. This guideline was instituted purely for the complete safety of all students. Therefore, arrangements for “play dates” and other activities must not rely on school transportation.