What's the process?

Virtual Meetings During Extended School Closure- A Parent How-to-Guide

Do you know of a child you think may have an educational disability?

The Nashoba Regional School district needs your help to identify all children in the community, ages 3 through 21, who may require special education services. If you are aware of a child who may have an educational disability, who may not be known to the district, please contact:

                    Special Education Department @ 978-779-0539  x3013

Who may refer a child?

Parents can make a referral.  School personnel, physicians, social workers, or others who are familiar with the student may refer a student.  Regardless of who makes a referral, the parent must give consent in writing before a special education evaluation can begin.

What is the Process?

  • Once a parent provides written consent, evaluations that examine all areas of suspected disability will be completed within 30 school working days.
  • Within 45 school working days of written parent consent, a Team meeting will be held to talk about the evaluations to determine eligibility and to complete an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) if the student is eligible for special education.

The Team will consider the following questions:

1.   Does the child have a disability? What type?

2.   Does the disability cause the child to be unable to progress effectively in regular education?

3.   Does the child require specially designed instruction or related services to make progress and access the general curriculum?

The answer to each of these questions must be "yes" in order to determine that a child is eligible for special education services.  

What are the disability types in the Massachusetts State Special Education Regulations?

Autism                                                Developmental Delay

Intellectual Impairment           Sensory Impairment

Hearing/Vision/Deaf-Blind     Neurological Impairment

Emotional Impairment            Communication Impairment

Physical Impairment               Health Impairment

Specific Learning Disability

What if the child is not eligible for special education?

The Team will discuss the child's learning needs, what led up to the referral for special education eligibility and what supports the child may need.

What if the child is eligible for special education?

The Team will identify the disability, how it is impacting the child,and what accommodations and modifications are required.  The Team will also identify specific goals and the specially designed instruction required to meet them.

All students, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin,sexual orientation, disability or homelessness, have equal access to the general education program and the full range of any occupational/vocational education programs offered by the District.