Once you are registered for the Extended Learning Program, you will receive an invoice on MySchoolBucks. Below you will find the directions to sign up and pay. Monthly payments are due by the 28th,  for those admitted from the Waitlist later in the year, this date may vary.

Sign Up!*
Step 1:Go to
Step 2: Click 'Sign up Today!'
Step 3: 
Enter your information to create an account
Step 4: 
You will be able to add your students under My Students
Step 5: 
You will just need to enter the school, first name, last name and birth date of your student. You will not need their student ID number.
Step 6: 
Find your student!

**If you have an older sibling in the program, please remember to add your kindergarten student to your MSB account by clicking on 'My Students' 

To avoid paying fees every payment you make for Extended Learning and the lunch program, you can sign up for a OnePay Membership, which has an upfront cost of $12.95 per student.

OnePay Membership Sign Up:
Step 1: Click your name at the top right,
Step 2: Click "My User Profile"
Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom to "My Memberships"
Step 4: Update your membership to use e-checks rather than credit/debit cards, and save yourself from the 3.95% transaction fees

Automatic Payment Set Up:
Step 1: Select the green "Payment Options" button before putting your bill in your cart
Step 2: Choose between monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payments. You can also choose to make partial payments if you want to manually log in monthly to make 10 payments (August 28th-May 28th).

Check Payments:

The Extended Learning Program also accepts check payments. Please contact for more information.