FAQ's & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions!
Here is a list of questions I get the most emails about, hopefully it can help you! 
Contact me at lbotko@nrsd.net with any suggestions! 

My Child's Extended Learning Schedule
The Extended Learning program thrives on consistent schedules for our children, giving them a solid routine that they can depend on. That being said, things can change and you might need to add a day, or change your weekly schedule. 

To add a day, or a morning: Go to the link below and fill it out for your child. There is a $6 morning and $37.50 afternoon charge to adding days.
Schedule Change Form
*Please always send a note to your students homeroom teacher and school secretary with any dismissal changes*
To change my weekly schedule: Use the form below, there is a $15 change of schedule fee. All schedule changes must be at least for a full month, months are never prorated.
Schedule Change Form
*Please always send a note to your students homeroom teacher and school secretary with any dismissal changes*

Daily Activities at Extended Learning
Each site has a slight variation on their day, but each day consists of the following

3:00 – 3:15 Arrival/Attendance/Organize Backpacks
3:15 – 4:00 Outdoor Recess (weather permitting)
3:30 - 4:30 Snack
4:00 - 4:15 Snack/Afternoon Meeting
4:15 - 5:15 Homework, Enrichment Activities, and Free Play
5:15 - 5:45 Free Play/Gym Time/Outdoor Recess (weather permitting)
5:45 - 6:00 Cleanup and Departure

MySchoolBucks.com is where we do all of our billing for the program. You will also notice that it is where we accept payments for school lunch purchases!
If you ever need help, please contact them at their parent line Call 1-855-832-5226

Payments are due by the 28th of the prior month (You pay October 28th for the month of November).
Late payments will be assessed a charge, consistent late payments will result in suspension from the program until the bill is covered. 
We now have the option of convenient auto pay, just select the green Payment Options button to sign up for recurring payments to be withdrawn directly from your bank or card.

Cap your yearly fees on MySchoolBucks.com!
You can avoid program fees by signing up for a OnePay Membership, which lasts 12 months. You pay with e-checks and have an upfront fee of $12.95, this also covers the school lunch program deposits. You cannot pay this way with a credit/debit card, however.
You can find the OnePay option by going to the top of the page where it has Your Name, then it will drop down and say My User Profile.
Under your information, there is a section that says My Memberships
Click on Sign Up.
You can then select OnePay Membership for e-checks remember to select that option when making payments.

Taxes/Flex spending
You can now print out your own information for taxes or Flex Spending!
Log into MySchoolBucks
Hover over Meal Accounts
Click Cafeteria Meal History 
Click the orange Download button
Where it says 'period' choose custom to select your dates
Uncheck the button that says Include Meal Payments
If your institution requires it, our tax ID is #04-6006530

Enrichment Programs
You will be billed after registration for the program closes. We do this in case the class does not meet the minimum participants, and the class needs to be canceled. 
Payments are due PRIOR to starting the activity. Students who have not paid will be asked to sit out of the activity until payment is made. 
You can see our enrichment programs through this website, just go back to the Extended Learning tab, and click on your child's school. 

Who should I reach out to with questions?
You can reach out to your site coordinator with basic, daily questions (list below)
For billing questions, you can reach out to the Program Coordinator, Leah at lbotko@nrsd.net
For 'advanced' questions, please reach out to the Program Director, Reina at rrago@nrsd.net

Bolton Site Coordinator
Location: Emerson School Gym
Site Coordinator: Tina Rumsey (krumsey@nrsd.net) 
Site Phone Number: (978) 779 - 9875 

Lancaster Site Coordinator
Location: Mary Rowlandson School Cafeteria
Site Coordinator: Rita Scirpoli (mscirpoli@nrsd.net) 
Site Phone Number: (978) 368 - 8482 
Extension 1034

Stow Site Coordinator - Center School (K - 3)
Location: Center School Gym
Site Coordinator: Susan Ormond (sormond@nrsd.net)
Site Phone Number: (978) 897 - 0531 

Stow Site Coordinator - Hale School (4 - 5)
Location: Home Economics Room
Site Coordinator: Dorcas Sefton (dsefton@nrsd.net)
Site Phone Number: (978) 897 - 4788 Extension 2104

Call 1-855-832-5226
Call 1-855-832-5226